Special 25th Anniversary Edition Nov. 1, 2008

Notes From the Big Cheese
Random Notes…

by Noland Thuss

Time flies. I remember those first few months like they were yesterday ..the  birth of a vision, but the years between fade and melt into a mosaic.  The early days were filled with excitement and anxiety bordering on panic. At first we were just selling cheese, mostly domestic. We had one broken down Dodge van with A/C for deliveries and that was it.  In late December during a record cold spell, turns out that van did not have enough anti-freeze and the whole engine froze up! Cases of Murray’s Apple Juice that were stored in an outbuilding also froze. And the same week my  20 yr. old nephew was killed by a drunk driver! My world fell apart!

When I started making plans for our big 25th Anniversary celebration, one of our young sales reps asked me if it seemed like 25 years or like it was just yesterday. I had to laugh. “It seems like 25 years,” I said.   Later I thought I replied too fast.
Actually, it seems like more than a few weeks but it surely does not seem like 25 years. As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Looking back at old issues of The Cheese Bite, we were always talking about rising prices and challenges of doing ” food business ” but we had no idea of the current economic fix. Certainly we are bracing for one of the biggest challenges we have ever had as we continue to plow that path that we and our customers will forge. Age does give you a certain perspective but you cannot take anything for granted.
The road ahead will not be easy but the glass seems way more than half full.  We’ll just have to give it our best and see if we can survive the test.  One thing I know for sure and I have said it before in this space.  We could have never made it this far without our loyal customers.
Some of you have been with us from the start. That is truly amazing!  I wish I could thank each one of you personally. You are the greatest. THANK YOU. Finally, I must acknowledge our wonderful staff. They are truly the backbone of our success. All in all, we are in this same boat together. We need each other more than ever.  “I will Survive” shall remain our theme song!   Stay tuned, you hear?!!!!

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