Frazier’s Flavors

Fraizer’s Extract Company began back in the early part of the last century when almost every local community had their own home brewed colas on sale. Fraizer’s was well known not only for it’s cola but also for it’s highly prized baking extracts and it’s amazing Vanilla Extract.

After World War II, and the international introduction of Coke Cola to troops overseas, the returning vets preferred the national brands like Coke and NC’s own RC Cola to the local brands. Frazier’s had to drop out of the “cola wars” but continued to make extracts sold to bakeries and shops in the NC Piedmont for many years. As a young boy, Ron Frazier helped his grandfather make these extracts. As an adult Ron decided to reopen his grandfather’s business under the Frazer’s Flavors banner in 1996.
Ron preserved the old recipes and started remaking the most delicious Vanilla Extract. Ron renewed his friendship with our owner and approached us at Cornucopia about selling his products. We gave them a try and our customers loved them. After a few years, Ron sold us the business and those precious recipes. We have been making those products ever since under Ron’s guidance and supervision. We use all natural, organic ingredients including highly filtered water to bring the best quality product on the market. Currently we feature Vanilla Extract as well as orange and lemon extracts. Ask for a sample today!!